TracOWLDoc plugin

The TracOWLDoc plugin allows for easy and seamless integration of OWL documents into the Trac wiki by rendering a concise documentation of a given OWL ontology in a tabular form. Please note that TracOWLDoc needs to update the database schema of Your Trac installation in order to create a table for caching the generated ontology descriptions. Since creating the documentations of a single ontology can be quite time consuming, the new version is updated only when the ontology source has been modified (it is checked by means of MD5 checksum).


First of all, the plugin has some requirements:

  • JPype -
  • Jena and Pellet libraries - the path to the Jena 2.6.0 ( and Pellet 2.0.0 ( and their dependencies must be provided in the environment variable OWLTRACDOC_CLASSPATH. This directory must contain the following jar's:
    arq-extra.jar       iri.jar       junit-4.5.jar          pellet-core.jar       pellet-explanation.jar  pellet-pellint.jar  relaxngDatatype.jar      wstx-asl-3.0.0.jar
    arq.jar             jena.jar      log4j-1.2.12.jar       pellet-datatypes.jar  pellet-jena.jar         pellet-query.jar    slf4j-api-1.5.6.jar      xercesImpl.jar
    aterm-java-1.6.jar  jenatest.jar  lucene-core-2.3.1.jar  pellet-dig.jar        pellet-modularity.jar   pellet-rules.jar    slf4j-log4j12-1.5.6.jar  xsdlib.jar
    icu4j_3_4.jar       json.jar      pellet-cli.jar         pellet-el.jar         pellet-owlapi.jar       pellet-test.jar     stax-api-1.0.jar
  • The JAVA_HOME must be specified properly

In order to install the plugin follow the usual guidelines for installing Trac plugins, depending on whether You've downloaded an egg or source distribution.

The simplest way is to download the TracOWLDoc-xxx.egg and copy it into Your Trac plugins directory. Then in the Admin tab enable all plugins features. If this is the first time You install this plugin in that Trac environment You will be asked by Trac to update Your environment:

trac-admin TRAC_ENV upgrade


The plugin provides a owldoc macro for Trac wiki which has the following parameters:

print_description: Print ontology description


list_imports: Lists the direct imports of the ontology (dependencies)


list_classes: Lists the classes defined in the ontology


list_individuals: Lists the classes defined in the ontology



Wine ontology

Finance ontology


In case of problems or feature requests please contact the author:

Bartosz Kryza <bkryza .a.t.>


Downloads are in the attachments:

Release 0.40 - the first downloadable release of the plugin

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